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5 Cosas Importantes cuando venda su Casa-5 things to do when selling your house

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Este articulo es para personas que piensan Vender Su Casa.
This Article is for homeowners who are thinking of selling their houses.

Deciding to list your home for sale is a momentous time. It means you will be moving on to a new stage of life, no matter if you’re moving up or sizing down. Take a moment to look over these tips for what every seller should do before they put their home on the market.

1) Organize Your Paperwork: Every homeowner should have a detailed  list of all past repairs, updates, and upgrades they’ve made.  This will help your agent know what should be mentioned on the MLS. Did you put on a new roof in 2010 or a install a new water heater in 2009? These are great selling features because they means less work in the future for the prospective buyer.

Also included in this list should be any home warranty information. These warranties will most likely transfer with title of the home.

2) Get Ready to Declutter: Even before you’ve officially listed your home for sale you should start getting rid of things you don’t need. Starting now will mean a more thorough and less rushed job of clearing things out. Start with one closet and work your way through the entire home. Sort items to toss, keep, sell, and donate. Having a yard sale is a wonderful way of making a little extra pocket change while reducing the amount of things you’ll have in your home during showings and that you’ll need to pack up and move. It’s a win-win!

3) Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More: Dirty homes are a real buyer turnoff. Now is a great time wash down walls, spruce up paint, and give your entire home a thorough cleaning. Do your carpets need refreshing? Consider renting a carpet shampoo machine or hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and revamp your carpets. Chances are buyers will ask for this anyways come closing time. You’ll beat them to the punch and have a shiny, sparkling home to show for it.

4) Get an Inspection: Did you think inspections were only for buyers? Having a pre-sale inspection can mean identifying problem areas. Perhaps you’re unaware that your foundation needs repaired. This will severely affect your listing price. It’s best to be prepared and realistic in today’s market.

5) Make Repairs or Get Estimates: Your inspection will likely leave you with a list of repairs, large and small, that need made. Keep in mind that prospective buyers will also get an inspection of your home and will find these same issues. Head them off at the pass and do some fixing up. You may wish to go ahead with large repairs. If not, be sure to at least get estimates so you are fully prepared for negotiations (you’ll know what the real cost should be) or should you can provide the estimates for buyers.

Start Staging: Staging is like prepping your home for its first date. You want to have it clean and well-dressed. This means amping up curb appeal with neat landscaping, fresh paint, and flowers. It means rearranging furniture and removing clutter.

Congratulations on deciding to list your home for sale.

Be proactive about making a good first step by following these tried and true tips.


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Arriba como pueden ver esta En Ingles, Pero voy hacer breve en listar las cosas que necesita hacer para que su casa se venda Rapido y al Precio Alto.

1) Organizar su Documentacion. Yo cuando visito a los duenos de casa, me sorprende a veces que no tienen nada, ni los pagos del banco o no saben o no se recuerdan donde pusieron documentos importantes. Sea Organizado.

2. Si ya decidio Vender, Trate de desacerse de cosas que no usa, lo viejo, lo feo etc. No trate de guardar cosas innecesarias.

3. Mantenga limpia su Casa especialmente si va a ver Open House con su Agente de Bienes Raices. Los compradores a veces no quieren ni entrar si huele mal su casa.

4. Obtenga un Inspeccion de su Casa. Con esta inspeccion usted va ha saber que esta mal con su casa para que haga arreglos si el comprador lo va a pedir.

5. Si sigue todo estos consejos tendra un venta muy facil. Y no olvide, mantener su casa bonita y si esta vacia, arreglar o contratar a personas que tienen muebles, TV y que le ponen bonita su casa temporalmente (Home Staggers)

   No Olive, su Tiene pregunta acerca de su casa, O no Sabe el Valor Actual de su Propiedad, Llameme, Le doy una evaluacion Totalmente Gratis Sin Compromiso. Yo Ruth Ortiz, tengo 17 anos haciendo Real Estate en el Sur De California.

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Thank you

Ruth Ortiz, Broker


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